Monday, August 17, 2009

On Giving Advice

What should I do?
Don’t tell me what,why don’t you understand?
Just be my friend, listen, let me hold your hand.
Don’t tell me what you think I should do,
Just let me figure it out.
And don’t ask questions, please.
You will know what you need to know if you just listen.
Talk about something interesting,
Like some movie you saw that you liked,
Something nice you had for dinner,
And bring some pretty flowers.
Bring some hobby along, like a puzzle.
We can glue together the situation,
As we place the pieces side by side.
Mathematics would not be too good of an idea at first,
It is better to add than divide.
Add music, something by Mozart
Or one of the Beethoven cantatas,
Maybe No. 78.
Perhaps some wine, real good quality, chilled somewhat,
And served with Eggs Florentine
Crusted filet or oyster’s supreme.
Add a flaming dish desert like Cherries Jubilee.
And incense in the air,
Preferably something from Singapore.
The scene from the window would be high over the sea
Overlooking a garden of white violets,
White flowers of every description,
And highlights of roses.
As the clouds move swiftly
From the southwest to the northwest
You can see the puzzling situation turning
From grey to sunlight,
Taking along your doubts on a silver kite,
And handing you a rainbow of promises
Wrapped in gold.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Five Ways to Improve the Environment

1. Recharge your batteries. Batteries contain mercury and cadmium, major sources of hazardous contamination. Use rechargeable batteries, recycle alkaline batteries.

2. Stamp out StyrofoamStyrofoam is polystyrene foam made from the carcinogen benzene converted to styrene and then injected with gases. Polystyrene form is non-biodegradable and is deadly to marine life. It floats on ocean surfaces, breaks up into pellets resembling food, styrofoam clogs the systems of turtles and other sealife, and its buoyancy keeps them from diving for food. Avoid foam packaging in egg cartons, disposable picnic goods, etc. Ask for paper take-out plate at restaurants.

3. Recycle your motor oilUsed motor oil can contaminate drinking water supplies and create a poisonous oil stick. One quart of motor oil can pollute 250,000 gallons of drinking water.You can avoid this by checking at gas station to be sure it will be recycled, inquire if there is an oil-changing outlet that recycles their oil for a small fee.Most recycled oil is reprocessed for ships and industrial boilers. Millions of barrels of oil can be saved by refining motor oil.

4. Avoid incandescent light bulbsCompact fluorescents last longer and use about 1/4 of the energy of an incandescent bulb. Substituting a compact fluorescent light for a traditional bulb will keep a half-ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere over the life of the bulb.

5. Hazardous toxinsBillions of dollars are spent every year on hazardous toxins. Oven cleaners, no-iron bed linens, air fresheners, mothballs, permanent ink pens, and baby powder may contain dangerous toxins.Use baking soda instead of oven cleaner, herbal mixtures or vinegar with lemon juice and orange zest instead of air freshener, cedar chips instead of mothballs. Air fresheners may contain harmful chemicals like xylene, ethanol or naphthalene. Mothballs contain paradichlorobenzene.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Cave

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It was autumn when I found the cave.
The door was partly obscured by tumbled boards and a wrecked auto, a '29 Buick, daisies and delphiniums growing around the crankshaft.
Whoever stopped there and for whatever reason apparently moved on and abandoned the iron horse that carried him from West Virginia.
I climbed into the auto through the rusty window, hurried back to my campgrounds for a flashlight, entered into the cave and walked about three feet.
There was no sound except my pounding heart. I cautioned forward and turned off the flashlight.
It was one o'clock in the afternoon.
Through spiders of light, I saw a marble table, thick and of good quality.
Up a stairway beside an outdoor grill that I was afraid might contain bones, I saw light at the top and three small doors, one partly open, one with creaky hinges, and one unmovable.
I pushed open the one with creaky hinges and waited.
No sound except the click of my flashlight.
Out jumped a bat at then then another.
Silence. Who would hear me if I screamed?
The light behind me dashed across grey stones as I stood on the stairway.
It had just rained yesterday and the sweet perfume of flowers welcomed me as I approached a new morning.
I wanted to seek further on and walked slowly down the stairs, saving the mysteries for tomorrow.

Blue Lagoon

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Soft wind, cool wind, from a blue lagoon.
Strong wind, friendly wind,
Sings a happy tune.
Wind brings ships home,
Sends them out again.
I see them from a mountaintop
Through misty pine trees.
Some of the ships contain beautiful stairways,
But not more beautiful than mine
To my blue lagoon.
The wind becomes a river,
Becomes a rock,
Becomes a hill.
I am in my blue lagoon,
Blue now, still.

Monk's Morning

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The Monk decided to hide in his cave of gray.

He lived in a village and then went away.
He lost his fair love and lived in the hills.
Where he was awakened each morning
By spry whipporwills.
He stared at a far mountain and wished he was there.
Walking and talking with his maiden so fair.
She played a flute to lure him back.
One morning he decided to pack.
And walked several miles toward the tune.
Before he realized it was really a loon.
So he turned around back to his cave.
Yes, indeed, he was very brave.

Mysterious Pathway

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On a rainy day one morning in June,
I saw a path by a new moon.
As I strolled through my favorite garden,
Suddenly, someone saw me and said "Beg your pardon!"
He said "Where do you come from,
And why are you here?"
I ignored him for awhile, and then could see clear.
We was blind and afraid because he was lost,
Was in the gazebo away from the frost.
"Whose garden is this?"? I boldly inquired
'It is one I have often greatly admired.
He said to me quietly, "I was just passing through.
"I turned and walked on, the flowers seemed new.

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Night in the Forest

One night quite mysterious and dreary.
While I was lost and followed light,
The moon was rising wearily,
It was within my sight.

The owls were moaning slowly,
Like they do before the rain,
It was something like small groaning,
Some may have been in pain.

My friends took one path,
And I took another.
Somehow, I escaped their wrath
While searching for my brother.

I stood very still and listened,
The light seemed very near.
The tree limbs softly glistened,
There was not a sound to hear.

The pot of gold was waiting
My friends said it was theirs.
I was tired of their hating,
So I walked among the bears.

The owls and bears and other creatures
Looked at me and were amazed.
I could dimply see their features
Though their eyes were ablaze.

I walked among the rocks and leaves
While glancing left and right.
Hoping deeply as one believes
I would be rescued from my plight.

The atmosphere was ghostly,
A lantern moved real slow.
I saw one eye more closely,
It was someone I might know.

A friendly eye, two of them, in fact,
They looked just like my own,
Reminding me of our private pact,
To rescue the other when grown.

I followed, he led the way,
He turned and smiled at me.
His smile and strength welcomed a new day.
Suddenly I could see.